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Ultimate Teen Patti

Ultimate Teen Patti

One of the most favourite casino games of Indian players is the ultimate Teen Patti. Not just in India, Teen Patti games are played all over South Asia and players just love this game everywhere. The game has certain influences from the world-famous game of Poker and is also known as Flush game. Nowadays you can also play Teen Patti for real money online and try to win some exciting rewards.

Fundamental Principles to Play the Ultimate Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti game is a pretty charming game which can be played amongst 3 to 6 players. All you need is a 52 card deck and you can get going with the game pretty soon. Of these 52 cards, Joker cards are usually left out of the game. If you’re looking to play the ultimate teen Patti game with real money, you should know certain rules before you start the game.

Boot Amount to Play the Ultimate Teen Patti Game

Whether players play the ultimate Teen Patti game offline or Teen Patti live, if they are playing for real money, they must contribute to a minimum of initial amount known as Boot amount. Boot amount is collectively decided by the players and everyone chips in their share and the money is placed in a pot. There are several Teen Patti sites made available for Indian players to access and play the ultimate Teen Patti game.

How to Play Teen Patti?

Once all the player’s chip in their share, three cards are dealt with each player which are placed face down. Now it’s up to each player to decide whether he/she wants to play to checking their cards (which is known as Seen playing) or wish to play without looking into their cards (which is known as Blind playing).

The first player usually requires betting an amount equal to the boot amount. Rest of the players’ bet amount will be decided based on the previous player’s decision to play Seen or Blind.

Play the Ultimate Teen Patti Game- Blind

The player before you playing Blind- you bet an amount the same as the current stake money or a maximum of double the stake amount.
The player before you playing Seen- you bet an amount half or equal to the current stake amount.

Play the Ultimate Teen Patti Game- Seen

The player before you playing Seen- you bet an amount which is double the current stake. The player before you playing Blind- you bet an amount double or a maximum of four times the current stake.

Rankings of Different Hands to Play the Ultimate Teen Patti Game

The following are the 6 different hands in the order going from higher to lower.



Sequence of three cards which have exactly the same rank is a trio sequence. Ex: Triple 4.

2. Straight Run:

Sequence of three cards belonging to the same suit. Ex: 7, 8, 9 of Clubs.

3. Normal Run:

Sequence formed by three cards in a consecutive manner but the cards are from different suits. Ex: 2 of Club, 3 of Diamond and 4 of Spades.

4. Flush:

Flush is formed when all the three cards dealt with the player are of the same colour and belong to the same suit. Ex: 4, 8, J of Club.

5. Pair:

Pair sequence is formed when 2 of the 3 cards served to belong to the same rank. Ex: A, A and K.

6. High Card:

Sequence formed by three cards which are not in order, belong to different suit and of different colour but have a high-rank card in the set. Ex: A, K, J.

Other Possibilities in the Ultimate Teen Patti online game
Players can either Show their cards if they have winning combinations or Pack/Fold the cards if they do not wish to play.
If in the end, only two players remain who are not willing to either Show their cards or even Pack the game, then the game is now in Tie situation. The amount hence collected until this situation will be shared among the remaining two players or returned to all.

If only one player remains in the end, he/she is the winner who gets to take home the entire pot amount. If two players remain in the end, one of them or both have to show their cards. Accordingly, the player holding the sequence of the highest-ranking cards is the winner.

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