Teen Patti Flush : 3 Patti Poker

Teen Patti Flush : 3 Patti Poker

There have been different kinds of 3Patti games in the market that tend to exceed your expectations and end up creating an experience like no other. Exploring these games will certainly help you get things going and leave you in a happy place. So, today, we decided to review one such game and keep you informed about how happy you can be. The game in question is Teen Patti Flush : 3 Patti Poker. It is a classic game that is bound to hit you up with everything.

About The Game

Filled with gaming options, classic features and aspects that leave you surprised, Teen Patti Flush is an incredible way to build up your career in gambling. The amount of fun that it can generate is second to none and will also be ideal for professionals. Thanks to its unique method of gameplay and the aspect of gaming features, Teen Patti Flush is going to help you get what you need. There will not be a minute where you feel let down by the game as it utilises every single method to reach back on top.

And in order to understand how special it is, you need to read our complete review which begins with the beat features and goes all the way up to learning how to play Teen Patti Flush. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to start exploring the dynamic world of Teen Patti Flush.

Features of Teen Patti Flush

Exploring the best features of this game leads to a set of points that not only give you an idea of the game but does the job of helping you explore all that it stands for. So go ahead and read the following in order to understand how Teen Patti Flush shapes up to be.

  1. Simple and Straightforward

Simple and straightforward are two important terms that can be used to describe Teen Patti Flush. The game not only invites you into a simple gaming experience but helps you shape things up for good. Right from the beginning, you will have an idea of what to expect and how to go about making the most of this game. And in case you’re new to Teen Patti Flush, you can always learn how to play the game by merely clicking on settings and choosing the option called ‘help’.

  1. Daily Bonus

Teen Patti Flush has no intention of providing you with simple bonus options and letting you find more chips through a different route. It aims to lift you with daily bonuses and various other aspects that go a long way to make sense. Each day, you will be receiving bonuses that come in at the right time to lift your game and take things forward to a whole new level. Hence, you have more than a single reason to check out this app on a daily basis.

  1. Several Types of Gaming Options

Teen Patti Flush does not stop at a single option or a single mode of gameplay. It has several options to choose from and by exploring them, you can certainly look towards a good gaming experience. From classic Teen Patti to Rummy, there is a lot to explore and by doing so, you will be entering different games one after the other. As these options keep coming for good, you will be left with a smile on your face that speaks a lot.

  1. Tournaments and Variations

Teen Patti games with tournaments and variations are always a bonus as it helps you settle things down and choose the right options. While tournaments in Teen Patti Flush are available based on levels, you can always get hold of variations. And in terms of specifics, variations involve Muflis, Hukum, AK47 and Joker. All these kinds of variations tend to take the game to a whole new level and help you get used to something unique.

  1. Customer Support

Receiving the right kind of backing is important to get things underway and complete the deal in a matter of time. Luckily for players of Teen Patti Flush, they have all the support in the world. All you have to do is venture into the settings menu and be ready to explore a bunch of options. If you don’t know how to play the game, you can click on ‘help’ and learn all about the different rules and steps that tend to make a difference in this game.

And if you want to raise a query, you can always email them by clicking on ‘support’. Thanks to that, playing Teen Patti Flush is quite easy and opens up to be a fruitful experience.

  1. Engaging Gaming Experience

Teen Patti Flush and its engaging form of gaming experience stands out as a top feature and keeps you attentive towards the whole game. Apart from filling your screens with some of the best gaming options, Teen Patti Flush also does a fine job of helping you interact with your friends and play. With active chat support and a ton of other aspects, the game enters a whole new level of engagement that is hard to ignore.

By exploring these options, you will certainly make the most of everything and be glad about all that this game has to offer.

Pros and Cons of Teen Patti Flush

Up until now, everything about this sounds like an advantage. However, there are drawbacks that you need to know about and we are here to highlight all of that. So here are the different pros and cons of Teen Patti Flush.


  • Gaming Options and Experience

A major highlight of this classic game has to be the fact that it offers a credible set of gaming options which also lead to a good gaming experience. As we have already mentioned, you are free to choose any one of these options, explore them and then pick out the one that you require the most. With the option of a private table also coming in to save the day, you are free to keep on exploring and enjoy this game to the fullest.

  • Bonuses and Chips

Being able to receive chips and getting hold of the best bonus options are two different aspects that go a long way to make a difference. These options not only mould the game in a special manner but also bring about features like no other. Apart from daily bonuses, there are other things to look out for. For example, you can always purchase chips and keep on earning them as you move forward with this game.


  • Lack of Clarity for Beginners

As a beginner, your journey towards Teen Patti needs to be a step-by-step process where you receive help at every single point in the game. While games don’t always provide that, looking out for tutorials is not a huge thing to ask. Due to that, beginners could suffer from a lack of clarity while professionals will find the game to be easy. Hence, that is the only disadvantage that we could find in this game.

Gaming Options On Teen Patti Flush

Gaming options are always going to hit you up on choice and the fact that you get to choose the one that you prefer the most. So, when it comes to Teen Patti Flush, here are the different gaming options that you get to choose from.

  1. Classic 

Classic Teen Patti is the most common game on the list and it begins with a boot amount of ₹. 100, maximum blinds of 4, chaal limit of ₹. 12,800 and pot-limit of ₹.1.02 lakhs. With all these figures coming in to create a way forward, you are left to figure things out, place bets and move ahead to make the most of this game.

  1. Poker

While Poker shares similarities with Teen Patti Flush, there are changes that come into the mix and take things to a whole new level. And on that front, by choosing Poker, you will be left with Blind of 500/1,000, a buy-in of 20,000/2 lakhs and a no-limit pot.

  1. Andar Bahar

Apart from Teen Patti, you also have another game that is certainly going to make sense and help you cut the deal for good. That particular game is Andar Bahar and it is one of the best Indian gambling games in the scene. And by opting to play this game, you will begin with a minimum bet of ₹. 1,000, a maximum of ₹.5.12 lakhs and a maximum payout without any limit.

  1. TPF War

Going further, we also have the Teen Patti Flush war, which involves four different types of games. While the first ones, to begin with, are Casino War and Patti War, the remaining ones will come in as you progress through the game. Since both Casino War and Patti War require some amount of chips, you need to be aware of how to proceed forward and play this game in the right manner. In case you are not aware of how to handle these games, it is safe to learn them and then proceed forward.

  1. Andar Bahar PVP

Andar Bahar PVP is another step in changing the classic game of Andar Bahar into something extraordinary. However, to get started on this front, you require the right amount of coins because there is a particular criterion that every player needs to follow. And by doing so, the process goes ahead to be meaningful and comes out on top of things. Hence, Andar Bahar PVP is something that you need to try out.

  1. Variations

As we have already mentioned, variations are another part of this game that goes a long way to make sense and help you get hold of a few more options. In terms of specifics, you have Joker, Hukam, AK47 and Muflis to choose from. Getting hold of any of these variations will certainly be of great importance as it provides you with a new gaming experience.

  1. Rummy

With Rummy being an important part of gambling games, you need to explore it and look towards all that it has to provide. And in order to do so, you require the help of Teen Patti Flush. It not only brings in Rummy but also brings in a point value of ₹. 100 and a maximum win of ₹. 32,000. However, in order to get them going, you require a minimum of ₹. 8,000 chips.

  1. Pot Blind

Pot Blind is always equipped to change the way you imagine Teen Patti Flush and take things forward. It comes with a boot amount of ₹.100, an option that is always blind, a chaal limit of ₹. 6,400 and a pot-limit of ₹. 1.02 lakhs. While these are basic aspects, they may or may not change as you progress further into the game. As a result, playing and exploring this game is going to leave you thrilled and excited.

  1. Private Table

If you wish to play with your friends and family, you need to create a private table and accommodate everyone. While it does sound exciting, there are a few requirements that need to be followed before signing up for this option. For starters, you need a minimum of 1 Crore chips to get on board for this feature and utilize everything that it puts forward.

  1. Tournaments

The tournament option is one of the final and the most interesting gaming options that you get to find in Teen Patti Flush. It not only brings in the right number of choices but aims to exceed your expectations of this game. By choosing tournaments, you will be left to pick various other options like Classic, Joker, Classic at level 5 and Hukam at level 10. While both the classic option at level 5  and Hukam at level 10 requires you to complete 4 levels of the game and 9 levels of the game respectively, the initial options of Classic and Joker require an entry fee of ₹. 50,000 and ₹. 2 lakhs.

How to Play Teen Patti Flush

Learning how to play Teen Patti Flush can be understood within a matter of time. All you need to do is read carefully and understand the following set of points. As we go about combining the rules, gaming options and various other aspects, you will be left with all that you need to know about this classic game called Teen Patti Flush.

  1. Basics

Teen Patti Flush, like any other Teen Patti game, begins with 3 cards where all three are distributed face down. So if your plan is to view these cards, you will move forward as a seen player and if you plan to not view these cards, you will be known as a blind player. With both these options having their ups and downs, it is important to pick the one that you prefer the most.

  1. Seen and Blind Player

There is a lot of difference between a seen player and a blind player. While the former can view their cards and place bets appropriate, the latter will take a few risks and go beyond a particular limit. Since the outcome can only be predicted, both these options bring in their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Gaming Options

Once you are done deciding the kind of player that you want to be, the next step is to learn more about the different kinds of gaming options available for you. To begin with, we have an option called ‘show’, which opens up at the end of the game when there are only two players available. It comes into effect when a player requests another to show their cards. However, this is only possible when one of the players is a seen player and is also ready to double the stake amount.

Apart from that, there are two more options called sideshow and tie. A sideshow is an option that is only available for seen players and can only be requested by the last player to have placed bets. On the other hand, a tie refers to a point where the remaining players of the game decided not to show or pack the game. In this case, the amount collected in the pot can be distributed or divided among the rest of the players.

Hand Rankings In Teen Patti Flush

  1. Trio or Trial – this particular ranking talks refers to cards of the same rank.
  1. Straight Run – a straight run is a card sequence that involves cards of the same suit.
  1. Normal Run – this particular sequence involves three cards that lie in consecutive order of different suits.
  1. Flush – card sequences of the same suit and colour.
  1. Pair – this is a sequence where two out of three cards are of the same colour and suit.
  2. High Card – a sequence that is distinct in colour, suits and even moves forward to be out of order while being a high ranking card.

Conclusion: Our Verdict

Teen Patti Flush has everything and more that you could expect to receive from a game of this sort. And with all these options going ahead to make things count, you are left with a bag full of goodies that are certainly going to make you happy. So go ahead and explore this game because it brings in everything that you will ever need from a game of Teen Patti.

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