Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold is one of the most popular Indian Family card games that is commonly known as the simplified version of Poker. It is also one of the most downloaded games in the Indian gambling scene that has easily helped people have a good time. With its simple rules and regulations, Teen Patti Gold is easy to start and play and thus, everyone wants to know more about it. So if you are already curious and want to know more about Teen Patti Gold, the following review will help you know it all.

Getting Started With Teen Patti Gold

The game that we are talking about is Teen Patti Gold – 3 Patti & Rummy & Poker. It is a unique combination that brings in the likes of Poker, Rummy and Andar Bahar. As the largest multiplayer card game, it goes a long way to help people witness a new form of gambling that is central to the idea of advancement. The game not only captures what is most wanted by Indian gamblers but also ensures to take them a little further into exploring the unique traits that keep the scene together.

And to top it all, it has variations that begin with Joker and lead up to AK 47. Thanks to all that, there is a lot to explore with Teen Patti Gold and in order to do so, we need to take one step at a time.

Features Of Teen Patti Gold

The main set of features that keep a game moving are essentials towards setting up a good impression. And on that front, Teen Patti Gold rarely fails to get things going. Yes, that’s right. The best features of Teen Patti Gold will always shine bright and exploring it will help you know a lot more about the game. So go ahead and learn more about Teen Patti Gold.

  1. All in one approach

Teen Patti Gold takes the all in one approach, which refers to the special combination of Teen Patti, Rummy, Poker and Andar Bahar. By downloading a single app, you get to choose and play these games and that is a special approach that is bound to get things going for good. Not only are you filled with choices but can also move through some of the best gambling games in the market.

  1. Easy to Learn & Play

Beginners also have it easy with Teen Patti Gold and that is a fact to be explored. All you have to do is choose the game and watch a video on how to play it. The option to watch a tutorial video is bound to appear and it is a simple take on the game that you are going to play. Thanks to that, Teen Patti Gold is a game for both beginners and progressions which makes it a complete recipe.

  1. Play With Anyone and Everyone

Online gaming is not complete without the multiplayer option and there is no other game that understands that better than Teen Patti Gold. Not only can you play with millions from around the world but can also opt to play with your friends and family. By booking a private table or getting hold of other requirements, you can move forward to complete the latter option.

  1. A Variety of Languages

Diversity is an important policy and Teen Patti Gold captures that by providing the game in different languages. You can choose to play the game in Hindi, English, Marathi, Urdu, Telugu and so on. With these options making up the process for good, everyone can come forward and explore the world of Teen Patti Gold.

  1. A Long List of Tournaments

Teen Patti Gold values an exciting mode of gameplay and for that reason, it provides several tournaments, including Goa Muflis, Dubai, Las Vegas, Paris Hukam and so on. While these tournaments tend to change the tempo and the mode of the game, they can only be unlocked at different levels. For example, Goa Muflis is only available at level 5, Dubai, Las Vegas and Paris Hukam at level 15.

  1. Easy Ways to Earn Chips

Teen Patti Gold sets up easy ways to earn chips and you can explore every single option that comes on this front. You can receive extra chips by sharing cards with your friends, watch an advertisement and earn chips and also invite friends to receive up to 1 crore chips. Yes, that’s right. Teen Patti Gold is not short of chips and there are a lot of ways to get hold of them.

  1. Top Variations

Another point that makes Teen Patti Gold a classic game is the fact that it provides players with the option to choose their own variant and the fact that there are about five variants to choose from. Joker, Muflis, Royal, AK 47 and Hukam are the top variants to choose from and each one of them brings something different to the table. While the Joker variant begins with two cards and Joker is any card, the Muflis variant takes a different approach with the order of hands being reversed and a trail of aces being the weakest hand.

  1. Customer Support

If you ever find problems with the game or require some form of help, the support option in the settings menu will help you do the trick. It helps you send emails, which will be answered in a matter of time. Moreover, you can always read through their policy and understand how the game functions in order to avoid cheating and various other offences. As a result, the matter of customer support gets cleared in an effective manner with Teen Patti Gold, although things could have been better.

Pros and Cons of Teen Patti Gold

Understanding the good and the bad parts of a game of this nature is another important step that ensures you get it all for good. So here are the different pros and cons of Teen Patti Gold.


  • All at once

The different variations, games, tournaments and other essential aspects of this game bestow you with the choice of choosing the best option. Thanks to that, the game can be classified as a one-stop destination to explore the Indian gambling scene, especially when it brings in two games in the form of Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

  • Simple User Interface

One of the major drawbacks with games that offer a lot is the missing element of a simple user interface. While players are provided with a ton of options, they fail to receive a simple game that is easy to understand. However, those aspects do not work with Teen Patti Gold because their interface is easy to understand and explore. You will have the options that you need and all you need to do is click the right one.

  • Constant Updates

Teen Patti Gold is offered by Moonfrog and one of their highlights is the fact that they provide constant updates. Yes, that’s right. The game keeps on getting updated and stands the test of time in the right manner. As a result, you will love exploring these changes and making it all work for good.


  • The Missing Puzzle in Customer Support

Don’t get us wrong. Teen Patti Gold values customer support but the fact that you have to send emails for the same is not the best way to get things going. There are games that provide the option to chat and are also available 24/7. As a result, it is high time Teen Patti Gold also rises to this challenge.

  • Gaming Bugs

In terms of user reviews, the most common problem that people keep talking about is bugs. Every player seems to have experienced some problem or the other on this front and that is an aspect that needs to be looked upon.

Different Modes of Teen Patti Gold

As the name states it all, Teen Patti Gold is more than just Teen Patti as it includes Rummy and Poker. But with the inclusion of tournaments and variations, there are a lot of options to choose from and a proper explanation on this front is needed to get things going. So here are the different modes that you can choose from.

  1. Teen Patti

The first option that you get to witness the moment you open this app is an option called ‘Play Now’, which refers to Teen Patti. The game begins with a boot amount of ₹. 50, with a maximum of 4 blinds, a Chaal limit of ₹. 6,400 and a pot-limit of ₹51,200. It is known as the classic option and will always call out for an exciting set of affairs.

  1. Poker

The second option that you get to explore is Poker. While it is a classic game, there are many in need of knowing how to play this game. As a result, the first option that pops up the moment you select this game is how to play. Once you choose it, a tutorial video will direct you and help you understand the game with ease. Playing it for the first time will begin with the option to buy into a Poker table where the credentials might be table blinds of ₹.200 / ₹.400, min of ₹.10,000 and a maximum of ₹. 1,00,000. However, there is always a possibility for those figures to change.

  1. Andar Bahar

As always, choosing Andar Bahar begins with the option to watch a tutorial video, which later proceeds to a table with a dealer. A minimum bet of ₹400, maximum of ₹. 2.04 lakhs and a huge payout of ₹. 4.09 lakhs can be expected.

  1. Rummy

Rummy is another top casino game that you get to play by downloading Teen Patti Gold. Once you are done with the tutorial video, you can proceed to a table where the possible figures of point value being ₹. 400, decks being 2 and maximum winnings of ₹. 1,60,000 can be expected. However, if you quit the game while it is going on, you will lose chips.

  1. Deluxe Tables

The next option on this front comes with deluxe tables where players are allowed to choose options like Classic, Joker, Muflis, Pot Blind and Hukam. Based on the table that you choose, the nature of the game shifts and the mode of gameplay will also vary.

  1. Variations and Tournaments

As we have already mentioned Teen Patti Gold brings in a lot of variations and tournaments that you get to choose and play to make the most of everything. While tournaments require you to reach a certain level, variations are always open and anyone can move forward and explore them. Variations not only change the game but give you an opportunity to understand how different aspects affect a game of Teen Patti. On the other hand, tournaments are exciting affairs that bring in players prizes and a lot more.

  1. Begum Pakad

Begum Pakad is a simple game wherein you will have to guess the Queen as the cards are shuffled and mixed in front of you. Once the mixing is done, you can choose one among the three cards and start placing bets. If you happen to spot the Queen accurately, you win and if you don’t, you lose.

  1. Private Table

Opting to play this game on a private table is another factor that raises expectations and helps you get hold of what you need. Once you are done inviting friends, you can choose to play with this mode and expect the element of fun to go all around the table. The anticipation that it generates from playing with your best friends is always going to make things count and come as the clear winner.

How to Play Teen Patti Gold

Learning how to play Teen Patti Gold is quite easy as the game shares similarities with Poker. It begins with players being dealt with 3 cards, which are distributed face down. So if you choose to flip them and play, you will be known as a seen player and if you choose to not flip these cards, you will be known as a blind player. Option to play blind refers to the fact that you can place bets directly without knowing what cards you have in hand. As a result, it is a risky move that may or may not work.

On the other hand, if you opt to see the cards and play, you will be placing bets based on the strength of your cards. Apart from these options, you also have the option to fold, which means that you are giving up. However, it is the seen and blind option that sums up a large sum of the game and by choosing either of them, you can stand to explore the following aspects of the game.

  1. Sideshow – in order to access the sideshow move, players need to view their cards and should have placed bets accordingly. This move can be requested by the last player who has placed bets and the rest of the players can either accept it or not accept it.
  1. Show – this particular option can also be chosen in the end when there are two players left in the game and one of the requests the other players to display their cards. And when this occurs, the following steps will come into effect.
  1. If the remaining players are seen players, one of them will have to double the stake amount and then proceed.
  1. If a seen player requests a blind player to show their cards, the seen player will have to place a bet, four times that of the current stake.
  1. Tie – if the remaining two players decide not to show or pack the game, everything will end up as a tie and the amount collected in the pot can either be returned or divided amongst the rest of the players.

Hand Rankings in Teen Patti Gold

Hand rankings are an important part of Teen Patti Gold and every other game going by the name Teen Patti. These rankings help you establish cards in the right manner and complete the process for good. So here are all the hand rankings that you need to know about.

  1. Trio or trail – cards with the same rank fall under this category.
  1. Straight Run – card sequences of the same suit are known as a straight run and getting hold of it will help you advance your game to a huge extent.
  1. Normal Run – a normal run involves three-card sequences in consecutive order of different suits.
  1. Flush – a flush is one of the most famous sequences that everyone needs to know about. It can not only change the game but also create an impact for good. A card sequence of the same suit and colour is known as a flush. For example, A, J and 10 of Spades is a flush.
  1. Pair – a pair sequence involves three cards where two are of the same suit and colour. For example, A, A and K are a pair sequence.
  1. High Card – a high card refers to a sequence that is distinct in colour, suit and also remains out of order and at the same time also has a high ranking card in the sequence.

Teen Patti Gold Rules

  1. Dealing Cards

A dealer dealing cards with players is the initial move that sets the tone for the rest of the game. And for it to be fruitful, the dealer needs to ensure that three cards are assembled at the table and the manner of approach needs to head in a counter-clockwise direction. At all times, the player next to the dealer should initiate the beginning of the round.

  1. Ranking and Winning Sequence

Ranking the cards in Teen Patti is quite similar to that of Poker. As a result, dealers need to observe the sequence and make sure that everything goes according to plan. High-ranked sequences need to be understood and then processed further as winning sequences.

  1. The Option to Play Blind or Seen

The option to either play as a blind player or as a seen player rests on the shoulders of every player before initiating the next move. This particular move should not be encouraged or promoted by any other player.

Conclusion: Our Review

Teen Patti Gold does a fair job in helping you play Teen Patti in different modes and also adds Poker, Rummy and Andar Bahar to the mix. The special combination that it aims to bring about makes it a one-stop destination for gambling and you are bound to find it to be exciting. As a result, you need to go ahead and explore this unique game since this review has summed it all up for the better.

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