Teen Patti By Octro

Teen Patti By Octro

We have all heard countless stories about the emerging Indian gambling scene that has games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and so on. But have we looked into the games that tend to turn things around? Well, if the answer is a clear no, then it is time that you start from here. And by here, we mean a unique game that is changing the way people see this game. Since the title says it all, there are no points for guessing and yes, we are talking about Teen Patti by Octro – Real 3 Patti Game.

Getting Started: Teen Patti Octro

To give you the perfect understanding of Teen Patti Octro, it is safe to say that we are talking about the world’s largest multiplayer 3 Patti card game. Yes, that’s right. Teen Patti by Octro beats every other game on the list to offer players a unique gaming experience that sums up to be the biggest and the best in the business. It is available across all platforms, which naturally includes the two biggest ones, Android and iOS. It comes in different languages, including Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English, which should appeal to all kinds of people.

Moreover, it is free and exploring it is going to hit you up with rewards like no other. But is it really worth the experience? Well, only a complete review could tell you about that. So let’s dig into review mode and analyse the best set of features, pros/cons and a lot more about Teen Patti Octro.

Teen Patti Octro Features

When it comes to features, Teen Patti Octro has a lot to talk about. It goes a long way in ensuring that it is different from games and does so with the types of features that it has to offer. So here are some of the best that you are going to encounter while playing this game.

  1. Top Bonus Options

Gambling games and bonuses go hand-in-hand and are one of the main reasons people come forward to play this game. From daily bonuses to download bonuses, Teen Patti Octro has a lot to offer. You can win free chips in the form of daily bonuses and can even earn up to 3 lakhs by merely downloading the game. Yes, you heard that right. Octro is here to provide the best game and stands to offer the same on all counts.

  1. The Multiplayer Mode of Gameplay

Online gaming is more or less incomplete without the multiplayer feature and you need not preach that to the biggest multiplayer game in the world. By exploring this game, you stand a chance to play with anyone from around the world. Moreover, you can also connect with friends, invite them to play, chat with them and challenge them in a game. With this format settling down for good, you can start to witness the formation of a leaderboard, which when topped brings a new set of achievements.

  1. Dual Currency and Themes

Chips and diamonds play an important role in games of this nature. They tend to set the tone for a unique gaming experience and help you come forward to explore it all. And with Teen Patti Octro, you can not only have both these elements but also stand a chance to convert diamonds into chips whenever you want. Thanks to that, your chances of running out of chips are as slim as possible and you will be able to benefit from that aspect.

Moreover, the feature of Gullak is another one that helps you save your winnings and play the game when you run low on chips. On the other hand, Teen Patti Octro plans to take things forward with attractive themes which certainly plays an important role in uplifting the user- experience. While it may not sound like a big deal, the opportunity to witness various themes to match your mood does create an impact for good.

  1. Multiple Languages & Avatars

Indians are diverse and we require more than a single option to choose from. As a result, Teen Patti Octro explores this need and offers the game in English, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and Gujarati. With these options coming in full swing, you will be left to have some form of control over the game and enjoy the experience that you get to witness.

Apart from that, Teen Patti Octro also brings in aviators to help you design the game according to your choice. You can either choose from a variety of avatars or even import a picture from Facebook.

  1. Customer Support

Customer Support in Teen Patti Octro is quite authentic in understanding what a player needs. If at any stage of the game you feel like you require help, you can always choose the “Help & Support” option in the setting menu and raise a query. If the queries mentioned in the list aren’t according to your requirements, you can click on other issues and move ahead to get things going. Be it chips missing or low cards, the help and support option is here to set things straight.

  1. Security

Sharing vital information and making payments is always going to end up being an important aspect of gaming. However, being careful while doing so highlights a need that every player needs to follow. And with Teen Patti Octro, you can be assured of playing a legal game that offers the things that you need the most and that includes a safe and secure path to gaming. As a result, Teen Patti Octro comes forward with all the right features and does not waste time in helping you explore them.

Pros and Cons of Teen Patti Octro

Every game has good parts and bad parts and it’s all about understanding them. As a result, Teen Patti Octro is no different and a list of pros and cons is going to expand your knowledge about this game.


  • Multiple Game Modes

Teen Patti Octro arrives with multiple game modes and lets you be the deciding factor. Yes, that’s right. You get to choose the mode for you and can move ahead to play it in a manner of your choice.

  • Free and Effective

Signing up to play Teen Patti Octro is not going to cost you anything. The game is free to play and explore and you will have everything that you need. Moreover, the different kinds of features that it offers makes it an effective gaming experience and that goes a long way to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

  • Bonuses

While all gambling games have bonuses, Teen Patti Octro goes a little further with the idea. It brings in daily bonuses and offers a genuine chance for one to achieve it all. While it all still depends on luck, you have a chance to make things work with Teen Patti Octro.


  • Ton of Gaming Options

Teen Patti games are all around town and players are more than welcome to try all of them. Thanks to that, you are left with a ton of options to choose from and at times, it might not be the best option to choose Teen Patti Octro. While Teen Patti Octro does stand out from the crowd, it’s hard to compete when millions of games are readily available.

  • Gaming Problems

When you look at the reviews of Teen Patti Octro, you are bound to understand that people have been facing problems. While these are quite common for online games, one cannot keep on experiencing them during crucial moments of the game.

Gaming Modes of Teen Patti Octro

One of the major highlights of Teen Patti Octro is the many gaming modes that it has to offer. While it is one of their best features, we did not place it amongst the rest because it deserves its own space. So here are the many modes of Teen Patti Octro.

  1. Public Table – The Public Table is the most common mode in which people play Teen Patti. With this feature, you get to play with millions from all over the world and understand different types of strategies, gaming options and so on.
  1. Private Table – In case you don’t want to play with millions from around the world, you also have the option to play with your friends in a mode called Private Table.
  1. Variations – Teen Patti Octro is out to help you witness a new form of Teen Patti gaming and in order to achieve that, it comes with various kinds of variations. You can choose from the Revolving Joker, Joker, Lowest Joker, Banco, 999 and so on. All these variations have their own gameplay to offer and that sure is exciting.
  1. 321 Tournament – With all the different modes that they offer, it was inevitable for them to also offer a new tournament mode. Hence, we get to witness the 321 Tournament, where the game is played between 5 players and 5 rounds and the winner receives 5 times the stake.
  1. Teen Patti Battle – This particular mode is generally kept aside for experts as it involves characters batling and various other elements. So if you are new to the game, it is safe to leave this feature aside.
  1. Tournament – With the tournament feature, you can either choose to play a high stakes game or venture across the game with Sit ‘n’ Go.
  1. 6 Patti – The last and final mode that we have for you is 6 Patti. It is more of a skill-based venture that also requires the application of a unique strategy. So once again, this is a mode specifically meant for experts.

How to Play Teen Patti Octro

Now that we are aware of Teen Patti Octro and how good it is, it’s time to know how to play the same. As a unique game, it is casually played in a group of 3 to 6 players and moves ahead to be similar to Poker. To get things started, each player is dealt with three cards face down and even before everything goes on floors, the boot amount is decided between all players and everyone’s share is collected. As a result, you need to put the minimum stake amount into the pot and then move ahead to play Teen Patti Octro.

The game begins with the player next to the dealer and continues in a clockwise direction. At this stage, players have the option to either place a bet without seeing their card or view it and place the bet. While the player who sees their card is referred to as a seen player, the one who does not use that option is a blind player.

  1. Seen Player – seen players have the chance to play the game in different settings and it involves Chaal, Pack, Side Show and so on. To begin with, you will have to play Chaal or Side Show to remain in the game because you have seen the cards. If you choose Chaal, you will have to begin by placing the bet amount in the bot. For a seen player, the betting amount will always be equal to twice or four times the current stake amount.

On the other hand, you have another option in the form of Side Show. it refers to the fact that you wish to compare your cards with the cards of a previous player. While this move is quite different, it is only possible if the previous player is also a seen player. And for Side Show, you will have to place an amount equal to twice the current stake in the pot.

  1. Blind Player – blind players have the option to play Blind, Show and Pack. However, to continue as a blind player, you have to place the bet amount which is equal to the current stake amount or twice the current stake amount. And in case a blind player chooses Show, they can do so only when one opponent is remaining in the game. Hence, it is a blind show.

Understanding Limited Stake Tables

Teen Patti Octro is often played with either limited stake or unlimited stake tables. However, first-time players will have to play a limited stake table and on the first limited stake table, the boot amount will be 2, wherein you can play a maximum of 4 blinds, 256 Chaal and a pot-limit of 2048. With these limitations in place, limited stake tables will bring in everything and help you proceed in the right manner. As you move ahead to the next limited table, the figures will change and bring in different kinds of aspects.

While the boot amount rises to 4, maximum blinds remain at 4, Chaal rises to 512 and the Pot limit rises to 4096. Thanks to these aspects, limited stake tables take shape and turn out to be essentials for the game. As a beginner, it is always ideal to learn how to work things out with the limited table and then proceed to unlimited stake tables.

Apart from the variations in stakes, Teen Patti Octro also brings in ranks for cards and it is quite important to understand them. While the trail or set remains at the top, pure sequence comes in at second, followed by sequence, colour, pair and high card. With these sets coming in full swing, you will be left to make things work and look out for the aspects that you require the most.

How to Buy Chips in Teen Patti Octro

One of the bigger concerns of players while starting out with Teen Patti Octro is how to buy chips. With chips being a huge part of the game, it is inevitable to know how to get hold of them. As a result, Teen Patti Octro brings in different ways through which you can get yourself some chips. These ways involve buying chips, wherein you can get 25 Crore chips for merely ₹. 399, 50 Crore chips for ₹.149 and so on. Similarly you can also purchase 1,00,000 for ₹.299, 10,000 for ₹. 99 and so on.

But if you don’t feel like spending money, you can always watch ads, spin the wheel and even redeem coupons to get hold of chips. Yes, that’s right. You can watch an ad leading upto 40 seconds and earn around 10,000 chips.

Tips to Follow While Playing Teen Patti Octro

  1. Emotional Stability

People often have the tendency to get carried away with the results and end up being emotional. While vulnerability and being emotional are good traits in life, it might not be the best way to play this game. Not only does it hinder your manner of approach but might give away too many details to the opponents. So emotional stability is what we are looking for.

  1. Beginning with Small Bets

Providing yourself with many chances to win by spreading your losses is the main idea behind placing small bets. It works well in the beginning and makes a difference when the time is right. So don’t be afraid to place small bets and never be afraid to lose.

  1. Practice

Practice makes everything perfect is more than just a statement. It is reality and will always be by your side till the very end. So once you’re done reading this review, you need to go ahead and start practising the game. By doing so, you will eventually get the hang of the game and come on top when it matters the most.

  1. Setting Limits

Setting limits, in general, is quite close to the concept of responsible gaming. It talks about the cautious approach that you want to bring into the game and stay within limits in order to avoid jumping into huge financial risks.

  1. Playing Blind

Option to play Blind is often going to help you a lot as you have the opportunity to raise the stakes even before you or the rest of the players have seen the cards. As a unique strategy, it works well on beginners and makes them play unwanted moves. So it is safe to try this out when you have all the experience in the world.

Conclusion: Our Verdict

Teen Patti by Octro is another step in the right direction as it not only raises the stakes for the game but also the definitive standards that have been set in the industry. While it may not be the best game in the market, it is certainly one of the best and the game will always make it a point to help you understand that. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can make things work with Teen Patti and move ahead to make a difference when the time is right.

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