Teen Patti Games

Teen Patti games are among the choicest Indian card games. Played with a deck of 52 cards, the game accredits its origin to the Indian subcontinent. In the later years, Teen Patti games were spread across the globe and are presently referred to as Flash game or Flush.

Starting with Teen Patti games

Teen Patti games are pretty easy to play. If you are familiar with the Poker game, you will easily catch up with rules to Teen Patti games online for real money. Each playing hand will be reserved for three cards. These three cards if come by one of the different hand rankings as mentioned below, that player will be the winner. If multiple players come across different hand rankings, the player with the greater hand is the winner.

You do not require downloading any apps to play Teen Patti games. There are several Teen Patti sites online offering Card games Teen Patti and Teen Patti live games, so you can directly access them from your browser for the awesome gaming experience.

The legality of Online games Teen Patti in India

Indian gambling laws do not allow for games of chance like Roulette, Slots and such to be played in Indian Territory. But online cards game Teen Patti is more of a game of chance which is perfectly allowed by Indian gambling laws. So you can play this game of skill in Indian Territory without worrying about it being illegal. Just make sure you understand and acquire the skills to play the game successfully instead of being dependent on luck.

Different hand rankings in Teen Patti games online

The following are card sequences which can be considered as the best hands in Teen Patti games. The ranking in the list goes from the most happening hand to the least happening hand sequence.

  • Trail or Trio or Set: This is the set of 3 cards that hold the same rank. An example of a Trail hand is a set of Triple-A or Triple 6.
  • Straight Run or Pure Sequence: Here you will find 3 cards in a sequence which belongs to the same suit. Example: 4, 5, 6 of Spades and J, Q, K of Diamond.
  • Normal Run or Sequence: This sequence is formed when 3 cards are in proper order but do not belong to the same suit. Example: A of Club, J of Diamond and Q of Spade.
  • Colour or Flush: 3 cards set formed through the same colour of the same suit. Here the sequence doesn’t have to be in order. Example: 2, Q, 9 of Diamonds. In case two players have this sequence, then, the player with the higher hand wins.
  • Pair of Double Sequence: Among the 3 cards dealt with the player, if 2 are of the same rank then it is considered as Pair sequence. In this, the lowest pair is 2, 2, 3 and the highest is A, A, K.
  • High Card or No Pair: 3 cards which are all different in colour, suits and out of sequence but hold a high ranking card, form the High Card sequence. The topmost sequence of High Card is A, K, J.

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Blind player rules:

You cannot see the cards dealt with you if you’re playing blind. If you’re the first player, you need to add an amount equal to the boot as your first bet into the pot. If you are one of the later players and the player before you are playing – Blind, your bet will be equal to the current stake or it’s should not exceed double the current bet.
However, if the player before you are playing – Seen, and you wish to play – Blind, your wager should be equal to or half the current stake amount.

Seen player rules:

In the case of Seen, players are allowed to see the cards dealt with them and play accordingly. If the player before you are playing Seen, the bet amount decided for you as a Seen player is double the current stake. If the player before you are playing Blind, the bet amount decided for you as a Seen player is double the current stake or an amount not exceeding four times the current stake.

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