Ultimate Teen Patti

Teen Patti games have come and gone as players keep moving from one to another. However, there have always been arrivals that are hard to forget and move on in life. These classic games of Teen Patti are the ones that everyone keeps talking about and today, we are going to review a similar game. UTP- Ultimate Teen Patti is a classic game of Teen Patti that is going to change everything for good and help you experience a whole different format of gaming.

Getting Started With Ultimate Teen Patti

The most thrilling card game needs no introduction but the platforms that promote it do require an introduction. As a result, UTP or Ultimate Teen Patti is something worth exploring as it comes together with features, gaming options and various other aspects that make it a good choice. The game not only promotes 3Patti but does so with ease and with some of the best features in the format.

Since it comes from the house that brought us the biggest Indian rummy site, RummyCircle, you can clearly get an idea of how big and beautiful this game is going to be. And in order to help you understand that, we are going to review this classic game and talk about the most important features, pros, cons and a lot more. So go ahead and learn everything about the world of UTP.

Top Features

The best features of UTP are the ones that make the game unique. These special features go a long way in making sense and work their charm throughout the period in which you are invested in the game.

  1. User-Friendly

It’s hard to find another game that is as easy and comfortable to play like UTP. Not only is it one of the games with the biggest user base but also one where you could play within a matter of time. Yes, that’s right. You can install the game via Play Store or App Store, receive 3,00,000 free chips upon installation and can move ahead to play it. The process is quite simple and does wonders when you begin playing it for good.

  1. A Classic Format of Gaming

Ultimate Teen Patti does not go the usual way when it comes to the game. It’s quite different from the rest and brings in different features to prove it. For example, you will not have to worry about chips because UTP gives you free chips every four hours. Yes, you heard that right. UTP aims to create a unique gaming experience where players are engaged and in order to do so, they include free chips, languages and so on.

The developers have made the game available in English and Hindi, in order to make it more relatable and unique.

  1. Play with Millions of Users

Online gaming has taken off to a whole new level as developers are emphasizing on the importance of helping players play with people from around the world in a bid to make things engaging. And with UTP, things are no different. Thanks to the game’s large user base, you will always have another player to play the game with and things are only going to get more exciting.

With the availability of a number of gaming options, you can choose to play online and get things going for good.

  1. Long List of Gaming Options

There are different options or gaming modes that UTP brings into the picture. Apart from helping you play online, you can always choose to play with a no-limits table, private table, tournaments and so on. These options are always going to keep you hooked on the game and things are only going to get better. So keep on gaming and exploring the world of Ultimate Teen Patti.

  1. Easy Ways to Earn Chips

UTP has a list of ways to help you earn chips and by all means, they can be termed as easy. These ways include buying chips from the chips bank, inviting friends via Facebook and WhatsApp and so on. All these ways are quite accurate and easy to achieve in every possible manner. And with added chips, you can take your game forward and make a lot of difference.

  1. Variations

Ultimate Teen Patti makes the most of gambling with game variations and these are some of the best features of the game. You are free to move through these variations, pick your favourite and get things going in the right direction. These variations include Muflis, Lowest Joker, Higher Joker, 10x boot and Hukum. Since the game works well on 2G and 3G connections, you can always choose the best variation and go ahead to play it in a manner of your choosing.

  1. Customer Support

The importance of customer support need not be elaborated because we are all aware of how satisfied we are when our problems are solved. And with Ultimate Teen Patti, things tend to get on well with the option of support featuring in the settings menu. So if you have any queries or problems with this game, you can click on this option and send an email. With quick response being their priority, you will have everything that you need.

Pros and Cons of Ultimate Teen Patti

Exploring the pros and cons of this game will help you look at it in an authentic manner and everything will begin to shape up for good. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and learn more about the pros and cons of Ultimate Teen Patti.


  • Easy to Learn and Play

While online games are in abundance, they might not always be the best ones or the easiest to learn and play. However, Ultimate Teen Patti moves through a different route. It brings in a good game and helps you learn and play it with ease. The process is quite simple and will always work according to your convenience.

  • Play with Anyone and Everyone

With Ultimate Teen Patti, you have the option to choose who you play with. You can either play with millions from around the world or choose a private table and play with your friends. The decision is yours to make and by choosing the right option, you will be left to get it all going in the right direction.


  • Missing Options for Customer Support

Online games need to have better options for customer support and definitely more than just sending an email. You should have easy ways to raise a query and complete the process in a matter of time. So Ultimate Teen Patti faces its problems with customer support and that is the only con that we could find in this game.

Gaming Options In Ultimate Teen Patti

Ultimate Teen Patti has no intention of leaving you bored with a single gaming option and thus, does the right thing in including the best set of options. From classic games to tournaments, you have a lot to discover with UTP. So here’s a look at the different gaming options for Ultimate Teen Patti.

  1. Classic Teen Patti – the most common game of Ultimate Teen Patti is Classic Teen Patti. It has lower BOOT tables and helps you play accordingly. Thanks to its aspects of gameplay, it is always good for beginners to choose this mode and go ahead to make things count. Processing the rules at this stage is quite easy and the game will certainly help you get an idea of how to move forward.

However, in case you are confused about the details, you can always click the button towards the top left corner and learn all about the hand rankings of the table.

  1. Variations – this particular mode is important where you get to mould your game in a different way and be exposed to different kinds of additions. From Hukum to Lowest Joker, there are various variations that come into the picture. Each of these variations has its own story to script and exploring it is bound to get things moving. However, it is not ideal for beginners to get started with variations because the changes can be a bit too much to handle.
  1. No-Limit Teen Patti- as a unique and special option, No-Limit Teen Patti works well and does a fine job in helping you develop your game. With No-Limit Teen Patti, you have the option to choose the BOOT and place your best accordingly. Moreover, you are always allowed to go as high as possible because there are no limits to this game. Thanks to that, No-Limit Teen Patti is another incredible way to gamble.
  1. Tournament – Games are bound to have tournaments to help players get used to an engaging experience. These options are always going to be a huge hit and you need to explore them in the right manner. But you also require some experience because the tournament mode is going to bring in some of the best players and make you go head-to-head.

The rules for these tournaments are simple. All players will have the same number of chips to start with and the final chip balance will help determine the ranks of the game. Apart from that, the BOOT amount will keep on increasing as the tournament progresses.

How to Play Ultimate Teen Patti

Teen Patti, in general, is an easy game and thus, that makes the process of learning Ultimate Teen Patti, all the more interesting. To start things off, the game brings in 3 cards, which will be distributed face down and if you choose to flip them and view these cards, you will be known as a seen player and if you choose not to view them, you will be known as a blind player.

Moving forward as a seen player refers to the fact that you can place bets accordingly. However, as a blind player, you will be placing bets without knowing the value of your cards or your cards. But these two options are not the only ones you have because you can always fold, which refers to the fact that you are giving up. Since that does not seem like a straightforward option, everyone tends to stick with either seen or blind.

Based on the option that you choose, you will be able to explore a few more steps and the following points will help you understand them.

  1. Show – this option can be chosen towards the end of the game where two players are left to battle it out and one of them requests the others to display their cards. However, this particular move will only come into effect when the remaining players are seen players and one among them will have to double the stake amount.

Moreover, if a seen player makes this request to a blind player, the seen player will place a bet four times that of the current stake and that is an option that everyone needs to look into before choosing.

  1. Sideshow – the sideshow move is only available for seen players and it can be requested by the last player to have placed bets. The rest can either accept this request or reject it based on their convenience.
  1. Tie – when the remaining players decide not to show or pack the game, things will end up as a tie and the amount which was collected in the pot will either be returned or divided with the rest of the players.

The Hand Rankings

Exploring hand rankings in Ultimate Teen Patti is an important part of exploring this game and understanding how it all works. While such information about each game is available by installing the app, you need to be aware of the most important points that make this game whole.

  1. Trio or Trail & Straight Run

While trio and trail refer to cards of the same rank, a straight run talks about a card sequence of the same suit.

  1. Normal Run

A normal run is quite special as it refers to a three-card sequence that lies in consecutive order of different suits.

  1. Flush

A flush is a card sequence of the same suit and colour. It is quite unique and getting hold of it will change your game to a whole new level.

  1. Pair

In order to complete or get hold of a pair, you need to have a sequence where two of the three cards are of the same colour and suit.

  1. High Card

A high card talks about a sequence that is distinct in colour, suits and moves ahead to be out of order while also having a high ranking card in the sequence.

Conclusion: Our Verdict

Ultimate Teen Patti is the right game to pick if you ever want to have a good weekend. The game opens up a party and stands as the complete destination for everything that you want to achieve. So go ahead and explore the special world of Ultimate Teen Patti or UTP.

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