How Can I increase the chances of Winning in Teen Patti?

How Can I increase the chances of Winning in Teen Patti?

Apart from being most played, Teen Patti is one of the most challenging card games and it could take a little time to master the skills of winning every game. However, a lot of people forget the fact that this card game is not just about skills but also the winning chances depend a lot on your luck. So, if you master how to combine these two factors with the right timing and strategies then you can increase your winning probability for every game.

Follow these 7 tips to increase your winning stakes

Tip 1 – Show off your confidence

This is one of the most basic skills that you should have while playing Teen Patti. Always agree for the stakes that you are playing with as this will make you look like a pro and your opponents will become a bit hesitant. You can start with lower bets and as soon as you get good cards, you can raise your bets, slowly.

Tip 2 – Be careful with body language

You know how expressive body language of a person is. You should take care of your body language which means express what’s going on in your mind. Also, try to study your opponent’s body language with their emotions, expressions, and gestures. If you master these skills, then it would be too hard for anyone to win over you.

Tip 3 – Prefer playing blind

Most of the pro players of Teen Patti who play on online platforms prefer playing blind. This leaves the opponent perplexed and breaks their confidence. Restless players will turn up their cards and give up. So, this is about playing like a pro by nailing the game with your confidence.

Tip 4 – Take it slow

A very common mistake that most players of Teen Patti make is that they instantly jump to bigger bets as they get good cards. This is a huge mistake and you could lose the game because if your opponent has the best possible set of cards and then they can increase the bet too. You should rather increase the bet amount slowly, baby steps never harm.

Tip 5 – Be patient

Do not give or keep changing the rooms if you are continuously losing bets. It is recommended by pro players that you should try to be patient and wait for your lucky moment. Without realizing, you can be spending even more if you keep changing the rooms in search of good cards. So, sit in one room and try earning bonus chips or credits, even when you are losing a game.

Tip 6 – Practice for free

If you are a beginner and want to practice your skills then it would be better that you use the free playing features of Teen Patti instead of spending your money. You can play with your friend, bots and family which will cost you no money.

Take 7 – When it feels doubtful then pack up

As mentioned in the beginning, the card games like Teen Patti are based on your luck so there is nothing bad if you do not have good cards. You can try bluffing but if you still have doubts then, you can quit the game instead of layering up the losing bets.

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