How Do You Play Blind Teen Patti Card Game?

How Do You Play Blind Teen Patti Card Game?

Teen Patti continues to grow in popularity as an Indian casino game of choice. This game of chance is a casino card game which has many similarities to a typical Poker casino game. You play at a table with other players, usually between 3 and 7, and other players can partake in this card game as well. One comparison to the game of Poker is the use of a 52 playing card deck. However, with Poker the joker cards are actively in use while with Teen Patti, the joker cards are excluded. In this article, you will learn how the game is played ‘Blind’.

How is Teen Patti Played?

The Indian casino card game, Teen Patti is a game of chance that is played at a table by three to seven different players. What’s cool about this card game is that the dealer can be any one of the players at the table. The dealer for the first round is randomly selected, but subsequently, the dealer is the player with the best hand in a previous round.

The dealer in a round deals out three downward facing cards to each player at the table. Cards are dealt in an anti-clockwise way while Ante bets or otherwise known as the ‘boot amount’ is placed by each player in a pot placed centrally on the table. The bets are placed starting from the player to the left side of the dealer.

After the cards are dealt and bets are placed, players can play in two basic ways. They can play ‘Seen’ or they can play ‘Blind’. Whichever way a player chooses to play Teen Patti, the winner of a gaming round is the player with a ‘hand’ of three cards with the best overall value.

Teen Patti Terminologies You Should Know

There are some terminologies that every player needs to acquaint themselves with. Here are a few that you should know about.

The Ante Bet or ‘Boot Amount’

The Ante bet or ‘boot amount’ is simply the minimum stake required from every player. This sum is placed in the designated pot located in the middle of the game table. Players place their Ante bet or ‘boot amount’ at the start of each gaming round.

Playing ‘Seen’ or ‘Blind’

You can either play Teen Patti ‘Seen’ or ‘Blind’. The former means that you have viewed your three face-down cards before you place your bet. However, ‘Blind’ play means that you place your bet without viewing your cards. If you choose ‘Blind’ play, you should know that you can view your face-down cards at any point during gameplay.

Rules for Playing ‘Blind’ or ‘Seen’

How to Play ‘Blind’

Playing ‘Seen’ or Chaal

The Casinos to Play ‘Blind’ Teen Patti

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