How Do You Play Variations in Cards?

How Do You Play Variations in Cards?

Did you know that there are many variations in how you can play Teen Patti? This is what makes this casino game of chance popularly called ‘Indian Poker’ really interesting. While you can stick to playing the general rules under the typical ‘hand’ ranking system of Pure or Normal Sequence, 3-of-a-kind, Colour or Pair and High Card. There are other variations that you could incorporate to liven up the game today. Here are a few variations that should pique your interest.

#1: The Four Card ‘Hand’: You can play a variation of Teen Patti where rather than each player getting three face-down cards per ‘hand’, they instead get four. However, each player will only play with a three-card ‘hand’. What is required is for players to select three of the four playing cards dealt and then get rid of one card. The card that is discarded (no pun intended) would normally be the card with the least value of all four playing cards.

#2: Playing With Odds: You could try out a variation of Teen Patti which requires you to have a ‘hand’ comprising of a sequence of odd playing cards. For example, a Straight Run or Pure Sequence ‘hand’ might comprise of 2, 3 and 4 playing cards from one suit. By playing odds, a typical sequence could be 3, 5 and 7 playing cards from one suit. The player with the best odd sequence would emerge as winner.

#3: The ‘AK47’ Variation: Do not worry there is no gunfight here! only a Teen Patti variation. This type of game involves a three-card ‘hand’ as normal, but the 7s, 4s, Kings and Aces in a deck of cards will all be jokers.

#4: Lowest Card Sequence Wins or Muflis: Another variation of the casino game of Teen Patti that should interest you is called ‘Muflis’. In this game, a player with a ‘hand’ consisting of the lowest possible playing card values will emerge the winner of a gaming round rather than a ‘hand’ with the highest value cards. For example, a ‘hand’ with 2, 3 and 4 card values will beat one with an Ace, King and Queen.

#5: Red/Black Center Card: You could play a variation where a card is placed centrally on the table while players are dealt with their three playing cards as normal. However, where the central card is a ‘red’ card (i.e. comprising of either a diamond or heart), the card becomes a joker while the game proceeds in a typical fashion. In a situation where the central card is ‘black’ (i.e. comprising of either a club or spade), players will have to play in accordance with the lowest card sequence wins or muflis rules.

Teen Patti Variations In Indian Casinos Reviewed at Teenpatti

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