What is High Card In Teen Patti?

What is High Card In Teen Patti?

Unlike past, most of the betters have started playing various casino games over the internet. Here, they get a chance to play the game round-the-clock, that too in the most secured manner. Apart from various other card games, Teen Patti is considered as the easiest online betting game since it has simple rules to follow and the winning chances of an individual are also high.

Things to consider before playing the game

Before you start to bet your money on this online casino game, it is very essential to acknowledge various rules and regulations which are used in Teen Patti. During the start of the game, you are required to place a stake. If you are playing it for the first time then it is recommended to keep it low, this will protect you from greater loss. The dealer collects your stake and starts to deal the cards to every player until everyone has three cards, right in front of them.

Apart from the normal betting style you can also go for no-limit, blind play or spread betting process in Teen Patti. In the case of no-limit betting, players are allowed to raise the bet with any amount of money. This has high risk and also allows you to maximise your payouts considerably. Blind play is another type of betting style in which you bet an amount without having a look at your cards.

What are the different hand rankings that you need to consider?

The main objective of this game is to have cards that are of the highest orders which help a person to win the game. Moreover, if two players have similar winning cards then, the winning jackpot is distributed equally between the two.


When a person gets three aces then it is considered as the best trio. Contrary to this, if you get three 2’s then this type of trio is considered to be of the lowest order.


Also called flush, this occurs when all of your 3 cards belong to a single suit in the game of Teen Patti. The player who has higher flush wins the game. If two players have a similar flush, then, the third card is considered. Even though two players might have cards of similar value a winner is announced based on suit ranking and the spades come over clubs.

Pure Sequence cards

As the name suggests, they are in ascending sequence. A-K-Q is of highest sequence and 4-3-2 is considered as the lowest. These cards belong to the same suit.

Sequence cards

They are similar to pure sequence but they don’t belong to a similar suit. These cards are inferior in comparison to the pure sequence.

High card

In this type of card trio, you need to get the highest, second highest and then supposedly lowest card. A-K-J hand is considered as the best, whereas 5-3-2 is the worst.


Also known by the name of double, here you get two cards of similar ranking. The highest value of this type of card trio is A-A-K and lowest is 2-2-3. If two players have the same doubles then their respective third card will decide the winner.

Try Teenpatti for an elusive experience

Play Teen Patti and its several other versions like a stud, high wild, low balls only at Teenpatti casinos. While you enjoy this card game, you get to choose from various types of moves viz. compromise, slideshow, blind play, etc. These moves aid you to play safe and also facilitate in increasing the overall bet during the game.

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