The desi game Indians love to play on Diwali

Diwali is always synonymous with intersecting and exciting games of various types. These games can range from board games to online ones to card games. And Teen Patti is one of them. Teen Patti is one of the most sought after card games around the country. But the number of people playing it during Diwali reaches a high. Playing card games, such as Teen Patti, is an entertainment practice that has often been noticed among people. Let us take a look at the tradition of playing Teen Patti during Diwali, the mythology behind it and more about the game.

The legend behind the game being played on Diwali

  • Many individuals participate in gambling practices during Diwali which is closely associated with goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. One of the theories suggests that playing this game is considered to be auspicious on Diwali. People believe that it will help them to bring in luck and wealth to their house.   
  • Another hindu mythology tale states that playing games on the day of the festival is a sign of fortune. The story mentions that once Goddess Parvati started playing dice with Lord Shiva and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She was filled with joy and proclaimed that anyone who plays dice that day shall be wealthy and prosper all through the year. Playing cards has replaced the old game of dice. Nowadays people gather together with family and friends on Diwali for games of small stakes in cash. It’s so common that Bhumi Padnekar once mentioned about playing Teen Patti as part of Diwali within their family.

What exactly is Teen Patti?

The card ranks in this game are in regular order with Ace being the highest, and 2 being the lowest. It is said that as many as four to seven players can play the game. Teen Patti starts with one dealer dealing the cards one by one, till all the players have 3 cards each. The players then take turns to ask who among them has the best/highest set of three cards.

How is the game played?

When the game begins, each player has an option to stay or leave. If you abandon the game, you can never get back into the game in between. The game begins with the dealer and proceeds along a clockwise fashion. The players who decide to play ‘seen’ are more at risk than those players playing ‘blind’ because this will balance the fact that those players know their cards. The game keeps on progressing until just 2 players remain. Towards the end, there is a play-off between these 2 players and the one with the lowest value of cards loses.

How to play Teen Patti

Popular Teen Patti Variations for Diwali 

A one-eyed jack and 369

Jack of Hearts and Jack of Spades are one-eyed jacks. All one-eyed jacks turn into jokers in this variant. With Jack of Clubs and Diamonds not being one eyed, they can create a funny misunderstanding. You can also call the colours of 369 jokers to differentiate the inlay card numbers.

High Low

The lowest value card becomes the highest value card, and vice versa in this version.  For instance, you have drawn four of spades, four of diamonds and Queen of hearts. Your Queen is of less importance than your 4s. Further mix up the concept by applying a best of 5 to the variation. You can deal 5 cards, eliminate any 2 and then pick the highest and lowest card.

Odd sequence

This variation uses alternative cards to create a set. Ace, three, five or nine, Jack and King This variation can be successful on those who have awful luck when it comes to straight cards.

Folding Joker

Each participant is dealt with 4 cards, out of which the last card stays unseen and different from others. The 3rd card dealt serves as the ‘joker’ card for all the players. And when a person flips their cards over, their previously unknown card will become the joker.


One of the properties of this variation is that it deals with your forehead. Each of the players gets a card. Without inspecting the card you have to stick that on your forehead. Here all players get to see cards of other players but not their own.  This version is based on lucky estimates. This game is really hilarious and the entire process of sticking the cards to the forehead makes it even more attractive and exciting.

Sudden Death

This tradition is perfect for the conclusion of any card session. You have to divide the same card packs to various players. Then you have to continue to drop the cards till one of the players shouts to stop. Out of the cards left, you have to choose one card of the highest worth. And then the highest or best card wins.

Red and Black

3 cards are given to every player and then 1card is placed in the centre. At the end of In each round, a new card gets flipped over. When a card appears red, you play the game normally with that card as a joker. But if the card turns out to be black, In this way the game transforms into ‘muflis’ in which the smallest hand values win. These games can be enjoyed for several hours.

More Teen Patti Variations

Play Teen Patti this Diwali

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